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United Soccer of Auburn (USA) is an organization with the purpose of promoting and enhancing the game of soccer for the youth of Auburn. It is dedicated to development in a soccer environment that is safe, fair and fun. The players are the focus of the USA program, and the success of the program depends on the efforts of everyone involved. Three groups of people, (1) the coaches, (2) the referees, and (3) the spectators form the USA team. These three groups, by working together, form the USA team, and creates the environment in which our players develop.

The coaches are the foundation of the USA team. They spend hours with the players every week. They teach them the fundamentals of soccer. They instill in the players a sense of team and teamwork. They teach them the concept of sportsmanship and respect for all involved on and off the pitch. In this way they become role models for the players and influence the players’ values and behavior.

 The referees watch over the game. By enforcing the rules of the game, they also help players learn these rules. They are entrusted with making sure that the game is safe and fair for all. The referees set the tone of the competition, protect the players throughout the match, and provide the necessary authority on game day.

 The spectators support the players’ activities in a positive and encouraging way. They create the environment in which the players, coaches and referees work. They are entrusted with the role of reinforcing the positive aspects of soccer: being a team, not focusing on wins or losses, respect and enjoyment of the game.

When these three groups work together, they create the necessary environment for our players to develop through soccer. The triangle created by these three groups represents that environment. It protects the players only when the three sides are firmly linked. If it comes apart at any corner, the triangle collapses, and it is the players inside who get hurt. Whatever role you play, keep the USA team in mind. Remember, it’s for the players.


Role of the Coach

Display model citizenship on and off the field at all times while representing USA

All interactions with referees, players, and parents shall be positive, polite, and respectful.

Create a competitive environment to increase the challenge level for the players while respecting the fact that players have different skills.

Encourage players to take risks on the field to challenge themselves and their teammates. A challenging environment should contain a balance of success and failure throughout the session. Normalizing errors should encourage player bravery to try new things with the focus on improvement and not punishment or chastisement.

Create and maintain an environment that explicitly prohibits harassment, bullying or hazing of any kind.

Avoid canceling practices due to personal conflicts as much as possible.

Clean up the field and bench area before you leave. Follow all field opening and closing procedures as well as all field policies.

Keep a consistent line of communication with your team and your parents in regard to practices, games, and other important events.

Maintain Equipment throughout the season

Training Sessions

At the first season training session or beforehand, have a meeting with parents/players to introduce yourself, construct the goals, explain the overall theme, expectations, etc.

During practices, only officially rostered USA player are allowed to participate

If severe weather is predicted for the day of a practice, a coach can cancel

Game Day

Only USA coaches and officially rostered players are allowed on the player sideline.

If severe weather is predicted for the day of a game, the league will cancel

Travel Coaches must enter scores post game in online systems

Maintain the equal playing time policy at ALL age groups.


Role of the Player

Players will recognize that they are responsible for the success of their own development.

Players will display an inclusive attitude with their teammates.

Attend all scheduled training sessions and games. Excused absences due to illness, family functions, or school activities shall be communicated to the team coach ahead of time or as soon as possible.

Arrive for games prior to the official game start properly prepared with game uniform, shin guards, water, and everything necessary to play.

Arrive to practice sessions on time, dressed appropriately with shin guards, water, soccer shoes, and a properly inflated ball.

Be attentive, respectful, and cooperative to coaches, officials, teammates, and parents. Focus on the game and practice actions, as a team, and as the player individually.

Be modest and respectful when we win, and gracious when we lose.

Players will exercise maximum effort during the training sessions and games.

Not use alcohol, tobacco, vaping materials, or drugs.

Abstain from the use of profanity.

Strive to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner to avoid any form of reprimand, including yellow cards and red cards.

Properly dispose of individual and team trash before and after practices and games.


Role of the Parent / Spectator

Support their child in a positive manner throughout their developmental journey.

Communicate directly with the coach regarding questions or concerns as they relate to your child.

Be a supportive and respectful spectator of all teams, players, officials, coaches, and family members

Do not offer instructions from the sidelines during training and games.

Entrust soccer decisions to the player and support the coach’s implementation of our methodology.

Assist players’ timely arrival and pick up to and from training sessions, games, and events.

Be modest and respectful in victory and gracious when losing.

Do not address the referee before, during, or after games.

Observe the game from the designated spectator sideline area. Spectators are not allowed behind the goals or on the end lines during match play.

Not use alcohol, other intoxicants, vaping materials, or tobacco products during training sessions or games.

Continue to be a positive role model for your child, our program, and the soccer landscape.


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