You have the option to receive a credit toward the Fall 2020 or any future season, or to receive a refund of registration fees paid for Spring 2020.

CREDIT: If you prefer credit toward the next season that you register, you do not need to do anything. A credit in the amount you paid for Spring 2020 will be applied to your account. This credit will not expire, and it can be used toward ANY player registration fee. It does not need to be used for the same player(s) registered in Spring 2020.

CHECK: If you prefer to receive a refund check, please complete the form below. Use the “Add” button to enter multiple players. Please allow about 2 weeks for refund checks to be processed and delivered, depending on the volume of requests we receive.

Note: Coach credit used toward Spring 2020 registration can only be reapplied as future credit; these are not eligible for cash refund. If you registered multiple players using a combination of payment coach credit, and you wish to receive a refund of the amount paid, you may request a refund for the fees paid using the form below.

Account credits are not transferable. 

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