As announced yesterday, due to the threat of EEE the Town of Auburn has instituted a curfew on outdoor activities and closed all field from 6pm to 6am until further notice. After reviewing all the information available since the curfew was announced around 3pm yesterday, and after a call with Department of Public Health officials, United Soccer of Auburn is suspending all outdoor soccer practices through Friday, September 13. 

There is no plan to cancel or postpone any of the Saturday games. Daytime activities should be allowed to proceed as scheduled.

At this time, there is no word how long the official curfew may last. Communities around Auburn are at a critical EEE advisory level, and the threat has been spreading rather than dwindling, resulting in the state DPH ordering additional spraying areas. We expect to have more information on the aerial spraying progres as well as additional mosquito testing results at some point tomorrow. The USA Board has a conference call meeting scheduled Thursday evening to review all the information available at that time and to develop a plan for practices and weekday games (makeups) moving forward.

Please watch your e-mail for updates, and follow our Facebook page for information as it becomes available.