Effective in July 2019, there is a new adult registration process for all soccer organizations, including United Soccer of Auburn. Please review all information below, as every adult volunteer (coach, assistant coach, referee, board member) will need to complete this process. All old information, current CORI certification (even if not expired), etc. is no longer valid.

Information about the new regulations, both from Massachusetts and from the national organizations, can be found on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association site. http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/members/adult-registration/



This site explains the trainings that are required of all adult volunteers, including concussion and abuse prevention trainings. If you look on the right side, there is a set of links to documents and supporting websites with more information. There is also a 6-page memo from June 28th (you can click to download the document – there is a link in the center of the page), and this memo is attached to this email. This information was helpful in understanding the new process that you will undertake shortly.

United Soccer of Auburn adult registrations and trainings will take place through US Soccer Connect, through a site called Stack Sports.

The link for our organization can be found by searching the Directory-Town and Club Registration Websites on the right side of this page, or you can click here: http://unitedsoccerauburn.mayouthsoccerconnect.org/home.php

Before you begin this new registration, you will need the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • SSN 
  • Photo of adult’s head that is going to register. Photo must be clear (no hats, sunglasses, other people). 
When you begin, click Register Now. You will enter some basic info (name, address) and submit. You’ll then click on your name to add the rest of your information. Follow the directions then to navigate through the pages, read and sign waivers, etc. 
Once you are registered, you will see the Member Account Home page. Here you will see a list of trainings, certifications needed to be approved. If you click on the blue box (e.g. Learn More), you will be directed to the site to take the training. Use the links from this Home Page or via an email you will receive, as the trainings are then linked to your profile. 
Based on the estimates, the registration and trainings combined take approximately 3 hours to complete. 
This information and tasks are only for adult registrations, not for your child/player. 
Note – this registration will be completed annually. There will be refresher trainings needed as well, though these will take less time to complete once this initial full training is completed.