Our annual Special Corporate Meeting will be held on June 9 at 6:30pm at Pakachoag Church. The purpose of the Special Corporate Meeting is to provide a mid-term update on the league for all voting members, review proposed bylaw changes, as well as to elect certain Board positions.

We are accepting nominations this Spring for the following:

  • Boys Travel Coordinator
  • TOPS
  • U4-U6 Coordinator

Nominations should be sent to president@usauburn.com and/or secretary@usauburn.com no later than June 5 to appear on the ballot*.  Anyone in good standing with USA (as well as with MAYS, Mass Youth Soccer, and US Youth Soccer) may be nominated for a position. You do not necessarily need to be a coach.

Any person who was a registered coach anyone who coached Fall 2018 or spring 2019 has a vote for BOD positions at this meeting. Only 2 votes are allowed per team, so if your team has 3 or more coaches and all three plan to attend the meeting, only 2 may cast votes. The Director of Programs John Staley would decide any dispute if the three coaches could not decide. (This is the ‘fine print’; it has never actually happened).