Spring 2018 registration is now open. You can register online HERE. Registration will close for all age groups on March 15, 2018, or when they reach capacity.

Please note that Midland Area Youth Soccer (USA’s parent league) has gone strictly GRADE-based age grouping now. You should always select your child’s GRADE as of March 2018 if you are given more than one registration group option.

  • If you do not see the option for the age group you believe your child should be playing, please register for what is shown, and put a note in the comments. You may also want to e-mail info@usauburn.com, though we will look at all of the registrations.
  • We can change the age grouping after you register, so you’re not locked in. Go ahead and complete the registration and let us sort it out later.
  • NOTE FOR COACH CREDITS: We are continuing adding coach credits directly to adult accounts. Previously coaches had to register the child(ren) they coached separately from their other children. This is no longer necessary. The credit will now remain on your account indefinitely, so hopefully there will be fewer manual adjustments, refunds and collections required after registration.  If, when you register, you find an error in the amount of the credit, or you believe you deserve a credit but do not see one, please e-mail info@usauburn.com. The credits have to be manually applied to each parent account, so errors are entirely possible.

Late Fees

For travel leagues only – U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U19 – there is a $50 late fee after December 15, 2017.  Please register early.

For U4, U5, U6 or U8, there will be a $25 late fee after February 15, 2018.


U4 (co-ed) – Grade Pre K/Toddler: Age 3.5 as of 4/1/18- $55

U5 (co-ed) – Grade Pre K/Age 4 to 4.9 –  $55

U6 (co-ed) – Grade K – $70

U8 – Grades 1-2 – $70

TOPS (special needs) – $50

Travel Leagues

Travel registration is $85, (plus uniform approx. $50 if you do not have one).  $50 late fee for registration after December 15, 2017

All travel leagues have a boys and a girls division

U10 – Grades 3-4

U12 – Grades 5-6

U14 – Grades 7-8

U16 – Grades 9-10

U18 – Grades 11-12

U19 – Grades 12+

Financial assistance available. Questions? info@usauburn.com

Registration will close on March 15, 2018 or when full.