The United Soccer of Auburn Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, November 15th at 8pm at Auburn Town Hall. Elections of officers will be held at this meeting.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.

We need a quorum of 20 voting members, and we have about 104 coaches. The Voting Membership of the Corporation shall include all Board Members and two coaches from each team competing in the current season and one playing season prior. If a team has more than two coaches present at the AGM, the coordinator for that coaches’ age group will appoint the voting members, per the bylaws. Please make an effort to attend this important meeting.

Anyone in good standing with the league may run for any board position. Anyone can nominate themselves, or another person. There are several positions that are currently open, or the incumbent is not running for reelection, including Secretary, Field Coordinator, and Sponsorship/Fundraising Coordinator. Nominations will be accepted until November 1, by contacting the league president at or secretary at A full list of the candidates will be distributed 14 days before the AGM. A brief description of each BOD position is attached this this e-mail (see the end), and is also available on our website

Changes to Bylaws
At our June Special Corporate Meeting, the members of USA changed the bylaws to move board positions to two year, staggered terms. We also split the elections into spring and fall, with executive board positions being elected in the fall, and most board support positions elected in the spring.  Because of this switch, 2015 and 2016 are transition years.

The positions elected in “Odd Years” will be elected to 2 year terms this fall.  Positions elected in “Even Years” will be elected to 1 year terms this fall, and will be elected to 2 year terms in fall of 2016.
You can see which is which, and the election schedule that was approved in June in the chart below.

This is in line with how Midland Area Youth Soccer and Mass Youth Soccer operate, and reduces the likelihood of having a mass board turnover at any given election, creating more consistency in governance.

Elections – Nov 15, 2015
2 Year Terms

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Director of Development
  • Field Coordinator
  • Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

1 Year Terms

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Equipment Manager

The following is just for clarification/information:

The membership voted in June to push the following position elections to June 2016, effectively extending these terms for one playing season. The members did not support holding 2 elections for the same positions within a 7 month period.

Therefore, at the Spring Corporate Meeting in June 2016, the following elections will take place:

Odd Years –  To be elected for 1 year term in June 2016

  • Boys’ Travel Coordinator
  • U4-U6 Coordinator
  • TOPS Coordinator

Even Years – To be elected for 2 year terms in June 2016

  • Girls’ Travel Coordinator
  • U8 Coordinator
  • Director of Programs