A lot has been happening behind the scenes at United Soccer of Auburn.  We had Board of Directors elections in November, and have a lot of new faces:

Jeff LaBonte – President
Greg Bohling – Vice President
Dan Diamond – Secretary
Karen Facteau – Treasurer
Rebecca Shafton – Director of Development
Chantalle Diamond – Equipment Coordinator
Matt Ferguson – Referee Coordinator.

They join returning board members:

Jim McGill – Boys Travel Coordinator
Leo Miranda – Girls Travel Coordinator
Adam Johnson, – U8 Coordinator
Dan Hastings – TOPS Coordinator
Jamie Doyle – U5/U6 Coordinator
Dave Iborra – Director of Programs
Rich Lemansky – Field Coordinator

Outgoing president, Pete Chestna has remained on the board as registrar and “go-to” guy for the new board president!  We sincerely thank Pete for his many years of service as USA President. He has led the development of a great organization on which to continue to build.

The Board has been working with a lot of energy to formalize many of the policies and guidelines under which we’ve operated, but never fully documented.  We are working hard to make United Soccer of Auburn more accessible and “user-friendly”.  We hope the new website will be a valuable resource for families, coaches and volunteers. We are working hard to develop an evaluation and rostering process that will remain more consistent year to year. We are also working on a “USA Handbook” that will answer most of the questions people have about the league, our club, and how it all operates.

We have already revamped the web site and logo, and rolled out a new uniform system that will bring USA in line with most other leagues. We’ll soon be bringing a “spirit store” online so you’ll be able to purchase USA-logo gear for your players and yourself.

Our next steps will be developing and rolling out more player and coach development and training opportunities.  We realize that developing players who learn a love of the game requires coaches with the tools and confidence to effectively work with these players.  Using a combination of internal “mentors” and outside training providers, we aim to make USA a model for town soccer clubs.

These initiatives are far-reaching and intensive. It will take some time to fully realize the plan and see the benefits. Having outlined the strategy and direction, we are confident that the current and future Board members will have the energy and ability to carry it through.