Uniform ordering through Soccer.com

Here are detailed instructions about how to access the United Soccer of Auburn uniform ordering through Soccer.com

Go to the USA portal on Soccer.com HERE.  Or cut and paste http://www.soccer.com/playerpassnav/teamGateway_2.0.php?club_id=6759965

You will end up here.


USA Step1


Choose your child’s “team”  in the “Select a Team” drop down menu, circled in the illulstration below. Players are actually NOT organized by team, but by year and grade entering for fall 2016. Reason being, in order to avoid duplicate numbers as players move age groups and change teams, we used a numbering system based on the player’s current age group and whether they are a 1st year or 2nd year in that age group.


USA Step 2


For example, if you have a girl entering 7th grade in the fall, in the drop-down menu, look for “2016 Girls 7TH GR.”  Let’s find ‘LaBonte’ and use her as an example.

USA Step 3


Next you want to select the child.


USA Step 4


This will bring you to the required kit page for that child.  This player needs jersey, shorts and socks.  You will notice that the player’s assigned number already shows in the screen.


USA Step 5


To add each piece to your shopping cart, you need to select the approriate size, then add it to your cart.

USA Step 6


When all three (shirt, shorts and socks) are added, you can check out. The total should be around $50 before shipping, depending whether you ordered adult or youth sizes.