Travel Teams Game Info

When You Are the Home Team

During the week before the game, e-mail the opposing coach to be sure they know where the field is, any restrictions, etc.  If you are playing on Pappas, AHS or AMS, it is your responsibility to pass along our field restrictions for turf:

  • No food or drinks besides water.
  • No parents inside fence.
  •  No benches or folding chairs on the turf.
  • No strollers or other wheeled things on turf.

If you are the first game of the day:

  • Ensure lines are visible.
  • Put out corner flags and goal weights. These are stored in the bins at each field. Coaches are provided with the combination before each season.
  • Make sure you have 2 game balls.
  • AHS ONLY – Unliock restrooms at concession stand. Key is with lock box key.

If you are the last game of the day

  • Put corner flags, goal weights and game balls back in bin, and ensure bin is locked.
  • AHS ONLY – Lock restrooms at concession stand.

AHS and AMS – Make sure there are 4 ball shaggers, usually 2 from each team, to keep players from running across track with cleats or jumping fences.

Every Game – Home or Away

  • Have 2 copies of your Approved MAYS roster form, printed from your team dashboard in SportsManager
  • Be sure you have the MAYS-issued coach pass cards for each sideline coach.
  • U12 and Up – Spring Only – Make sure you have player passcards for each rostered player.